What Technology Brings Us

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

By Yumi Gohda.

Who can imagine that a toy in your childhood could be the wonderful technology for helping humans’ lives? At first glance, this unique sphere seems like an objet d’art and makes people imagine the near future which is filled with new technologies. But, people will be surprised soon after knowing the real role of this device. At the same time, they will also realize that this wonderful invention ironically exists to get rid of a sin which humans has committed. What is humans’ technology for? This invention can give us an opportunity to rethink how technology should be progressed and used by humans in Anthropocentric age.

The designer of this device, Massoud Hassani, spent his childhood in Afghanistan. When he was a child, he used to make some toys which moved and rolled by the wind. I’m sure that he never imagined his toys provide his future self with a wonderful idea. After entering the design academy in Holland, he designed this device called “Mine Kafon” as his graduation work. As the name of this device tells us, it isn’t just an objet d’art, but an innovative landmine detector. It rolls across minefields by the force of the wind and blasts landmines when passing over them. The core is made of irons, surrounded by bamboos, plastics, rubbers, steels. It is also equipped with a GPS so that local people can understand where the dangerous places are. This device is really efficient because it is much cheaper to make this device than to make a conventional landmine detector. Also, a single Mine Kafon has a capability to remove two or three landmines [1]. Every year, around three thousand people are killed or injured and three thousand children are seriously disabled because of landmines [2]. Mine Kafon may change this situation and save their lives. This invention which originally began from Hassani's childhood is now highly evaluated as an artwork and help people’s lives. This is exactly our hope.

This brilliant aspect aside, I feel Mine Kafon has a very grave theme for humans. We realize Hassani's invention is used for landmine removal, which makes us associate with a sorrowful past. Moreover, we face the reality that we humans created an evil, so-called landmines. I wonder how the child in this picture thought when he touched Mine Kafon. Also, this reality that children can assemble it very easily is too cruel for them because some of them may recall wars that they have experienced. Looking at the child assembling the device earnestly, people who invented landmines can hopefully feel great regret. Even though nothing is more important for children to be allowed playing at anywhere, those who live near minefields have limited place to do so. I honestly believe children grow up and learn a lot of things through playing. Humans’ technology like video games or toys can make children smile and feed their imagination. On the other hand, can landmines bring them such things? Needless to say, no they cannot.

To my mind, humans’ technology should be to make people joyful and their environment more healthy. Mine Kafon has the aspect that it can save people’s life while giving us an opportunity to reflect what we have done before. In the near future, the more scientists keep progressing technical innovation, the more a probability it will be that technology may threaten humans’ life. We have to consider that there is a strong possibility that we have to live with this dilemma.

In fact, I feel we are already living with this dilemma. I want to beg every person in this era to think this question: how many people know the exact system of social media? Humans in this era too much rely on it and most of us assume we can handle it well. I warn humans not to take this peril situation for granted. I agree it is very convenient for people to spread our opinions on social media. But, there are much fake information around us, which sometimes invade our thoughts or knowledges. This is one of the aspects which humans’ technology brought us. Then, two questions arise. How should we control ourselves and our environments with humans’ technology? And how should we cope with its pervasiveness? We always have to keep them in mind. Then, going back to Mine Kafon, its aesthetic enchants people, and it also has a strong message that we should give much thought to future ages when we deal with technology. I strongly hope technology will be no longer used for something which hurts humans.


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